Healing Arts Program

Quantum Healing Practices for Men

Workshop instructor: Will Michael
     This class will introduce the principles of quantum healing dynamics as they are related to wholistic health, conscious breathing, mindset, energy anatomy, addiction mastery, meditation, prayer and esoteric healing.  Participants will then be taught and guided through practices they can integrate into their daily lives to align themselves with these dynamics in a way that promotes health, wholeness and empowerment of their true, divinely inspired Selves.  Bring a journal, yoga mat/blanket. 

Breathe Your Bliss!
Workshop instructors: Laura McQuarter and Will Michael
     “Love is the fragrance of the flower of Joy!  Joy is the experience and expression of your Divinely Inspired Self.  Bliss is the experience and expression of your Divinely Inspired Self with others.”  These words inspired the naming of our festival BlissFest and our offering.  In the context of a Sunday morning ceremony and celebration, you will be introduced to a form of breath centered prayer and dance which will allow you to experience and express your Love, Joy and Bliss!!   Bring a journal, yoga mat/blanket. 

Meditative Breathwork 

Workshop instructor: Laura McQuarter
     A calming, focused, and meditative-like set of breathing practices. While seated and lying down, we’ll explore a handful of breathing techniques intended to quiet the mind, drop into the body, and calm the nervous system. You’ll leave feeling more grounded and present and with a new set of tools for cultivating clarity. Option to bring a blanket or something to rest upon and layered clothing. 

     About the presenters: Laura is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Yoga Teacher and finds conscious breathing practices to be a daily, ritualistic tool for remaining present and connected. Will Michael, PhD is a clinical hypnotherapist; holistic health educator, coach and mentor; an Advanced SomaBreath Instructor and co-founder of BlissFest.