Charlie Millard Band

     From Michigan’s northern lower peninsula, the Charlie Millard Band has developed a unique sound, voice and thought-provoking lyrics/poetry of their own. The band consists of percussionist Will Harris, Jercat Millard on guitars, and Charlie on the keys/organ/Rhodes bass.

Hey Cuz

     Indie Alternative Rock Group Based In Northern MI! A Crew Of Cousins Come Together To Form A New Groove In A Venue Near You!

Distant Stars

     Distant Stars is a danceable and provocative rock n roll outfit consisting of multi-instrumentalists Jakey Thomas, Andy Fettig, and Tai Drury. DS is known for ridin' lines and blowin' minds, and putting on a larger-than-life show in which anything can happen.

Michael Rosteck

     Michael Rosteck is a Northern Michigan singer/songwriter, visual artist, and a staple on the Michigan music festival scene. As a visual artist, he has done design work for Blissfest, Farm Fest, Pond Jam, and Dunesville, as well as doing album artwork for several Michigan-based bands.

The Real Ingredients

     The Real Ingredients - A Petoskey-based acoustic rock duo armed with a guitar and saxophone. Together they combine their individual influences of rock, folk, funk and more to create a unique sound all their own.

Jake Allen

     Jake Allen crafts a kaleidoscopic sound that plunges the curious listener into a world of endless sonic possibilities, incorporating prog-pop, waves of ambient instrumentals, and complex musical layers.

E Stew

Brothers Rupple

     The Rupple Brothers are a psychedelic folk ensemble who combine a love for music, life, and improvisation to create a musical space unlike any other.

The Blue Water Ramblers

     The Blue Water Ramblers, est. 2002, write their own songs and take turns harmonizing with each other to create a colorful tapestry of sounds. “Banjo-Jim” Foerch on his acoustic and electric banjos and R.H.

Jakey T

     Jakey Thomas is an eccentric singer, guitarist, and entertainer from Northern Michigan. On his own or together with his "drummer" Clyde (a loop pedal), Jakey plays a variety of classics, currents, and creations sure to make you laugh, dance, cry, cringe, wonder, whistle, and vibe. 

Bon Jurke

     Bon Jurke epitomizes the duality of man, as all he has ever hoped to be was at least a "Good Jerk." His singer songwriter acoustic finger picking style has been called "melodic & soothing" & his lyrics "introspective, encouraging & uplifting." He believes "anything worth singing

Night Sky Alumni

     5 piece indie/alternative band from Detroit, MI. Blending sounds from influences such as Counting Crows, Oasis, and Tom Petty. Night Sky Alumni consists of Jason Longuski, Steve Lupinski, James Berg, Adam Enriquez, and Al Ledford.