Main Stage 2023

Thursday, Aug. 10:  The Honorable Spirits 6 p.m.  |  Dixon's Violin 8  |  Bon Jurke et Amis 10

Friday,       Aug. 11:  Adam Hoppe 4:20 p.m.  |  Blue Water Ramblers 5:40  |  Run the Cosmos 7  |  Distant Stars 8:20 p.m.  |  Hey Cuz 10

Saturday,  Aug. 12:  East Side Rockers 10 a.m.  |  Eliza Thorp 11:20  |  Mark Vincent 12:40  |  Keynote Sisters 2 p.m.  |  The Rupple Brothers 3:20  |  Sami Mikesell 4:40  |  Night Sky Alumni 6 p.m.  |  Jake Allen 7:20  |  Aaron Benjamin 8:40  |  Charlie Millard Band 10 p.m.

Sunday,    Aug. 13:  Michael Rosteck 10 a.m.  |  The Real Ingredients 11:20  |  Jackamo 12:40  |  Jakey T 2 p.m.  |  Trembling Earth with John Heath Band 3:20  |  The Third Degree 4:40  |  Y-Not 6 p.m.  |  Scott Pellegrom Trio 7:20  |  Wolfgang Chuck's American Spirit 9  |  Bon Jurke et Amis 11 p.m.

And many more playing at the Feedbag Café!

     Built from a re-purposed barn, the main stage is located in a natural amphitheater with a large grassy area for audience seating. From the highest king to the lowliest peasant, who doesn't enjoy a good sit? So bring a blanket or a lawn chair & stay a while, or dance like a dervish till your hearts content (or the knees give out)!

Front Gate

Feedbag Café

Menu of food provided by The Fatted Calf. We have a small stage at the Feedbag Café that is perfect for intimate solo, duo & trio acts, but don't be surprised to see a full band there from time to time.

Healing Pavilion

Kid's Area

     There will be crafts and creative fun for the young and young at a heart throughout the weekend at the kids’ area. Kids are welcome to use the stage & hold mini concerts, acts or shows as they see fit as well as the play ground equipment of course.

2nd Stage

     Our second performance area is in the woods near the camping area & provides a more intimate performance space. There is a bulletin board at the second stage where artists can sign up for performance times. Stop by and check the board!

Fire Circle

     Located in a natural depression in the wooded area, the fire circle is perfect for late night sing-a-longs and storytelling. Bring your friends, bring an instrument, bring a story & enjoy the night till the coals go out!

Drum Kiva

     The drum kiva is located behind the wooded camping area, and provides an intimate venue for rhythm enthusiasts. Stop by any time, but expect the best fun at the drum kiva late in the evening.