Vendor Application

     Vendors are welcome and encouraged! Please submit this applicationAfter a vendor applicant has been approved, we will send an invitation email with admission information. Purchase is required to officially reserve a lot. We are not booking any more food vendors for Farm Fest 2023. We will consider them for future events, so feel free to apply, just make sure to check the "Yes" box for food vendors in the intro questions.

     We have lowered the weekend cost for vendors and included them in our VIP status, with an optional half-price helper admission available for $50, limited to one per vendor. This year it is based at $100 for a single 10' x 10' lot, plus an additional 10% of total sales revenue after the first $1,000 earned. We just changed this deal to exempt the first $1,000 from any fees from the house. Any vendor that grosses less than this is entirely exempt from any additional fees. For example; if a vendor earns $2,000, then that vendor fee would be a mere $100. We will ask for this total sales figure at the end of the event; and vendors may pay Jonathan in person, or easily through the donation product on this website.

Vendors may camp behind their designated spaces.